Text forecasts

Weather outlook

Increasing SE-erly wind, 20-28 m/s in the southwest around noon but in the northeast late today. Moderating in the southwest in the afternoon but in the northeast around midnight. Snow or sleet but later sleet or rain. Severe rain or sleet in the southeast and east later today. Southwest 10-18 during the night and showers of snow in the west but rain in the east part. Showers of snow tomorrow but becoming fair in the east. Somewhat lighter wind late tomorrow. Rising temperatures, 0 to 6 deg. C. in the evening but around or below freezing level tomorrow.
Forecast made: 24.02 10:19. Valid until: 26.02 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Saturday: Southwest 8-15 with snowshowers. Frost 0 to 6 degrees C, clearing in the north- and east parts of Iceland. Southerly wind by evening. On Sunday: Strong east wind in the morning with sleet or snow and temperature around freezing level but becoming lighter south wind with snowshowers. On Monday: Northeast wind, snowshowers and freezing in the north but clearing in the southwest and tepmerature around freezing level. On Tuesday: Light east wind, mainly dry and widely fair. Frost in most places. On Wednesday and Thursday: Looks like northeast wind with snowshowers in the north and east but mainly dry in the southwest. Frost 0 to 8 dec. C.
Forecast made: 23.02 21:19. Valid until: 02.03 12:00.