Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

2.111.12 22:24:38Check.1.4 km E of Skjaldbreið
1.913.12 08:48:32Check.1.1 km E of Skjaldbreið
1.811.12 22:21:28Check.1.5 km E of Skjaldbreið
1.613.12 02:21:19Check.1.3 km E of Skjaldbreið
1.512.12 04:50:58Check.4.2 km WSW of Dreki
1.411.12 19:33:33Check.46.3 km W of Grímsey
1.311.12 22:09:44Check.29.9 km NE of Geysir
1.211.12 15:34:25Check.1.5 km WSW of Litla Kaffistofan
1.112.12 01:10:54Check.0.9 km SSW of Kröfluvirkjun
1.011.12 17:36:47Check.20.3 km NNE of Geysir