Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

5.125.04 00:06:58Check.553.0 km NNE of Fontur
2.724.04 16:09:37Check.174.9 km NNE of Kolbeinsey
2.523.04 17:13:11Check.151.9 km NNE of Kolbeinsey
2.423.04 19:26:13Check.31.2 km SW of Eldeyjarboði
2.324.04 17:31:30Check.4.3 km ESE of Bárðarbunga
2.224.04 22:38:20Check.184.6 km NNE of Kolbeinsey
2.123.04 19:26:10Check.29.4 km WSW of Eldeyjarboði
2.024.04 13:57:39Check.7.8 km NNW of Gjögurtá
1.823.04 22:02:5545.714.6 km WSW of Snæfell
1.724.04 01:36:59Check.12.8 km E of Grímsey