Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

3.920.05 20:35:30Check.6.4 km ENE of Bárðarbunga
3.820.05 20:32:54Check.5.4 km NE of Bárðarbunga
3.220.05 20:35:3090.29.4 km ENE of Bárðarbunga
2.922.05 08:35:10Check.5.2 km N of Hábunga
2.620.05 20:39:04Check.5.7 km NE of Bárðarbunga
2.120.05 15:50:0790.07.7 km ENE of Bárðarbunga
2.022.05 04:23:53Check.6.8 km NE of Flatey
1.821.05 08:42:35Check.6.9 km NNE of Hábunga
1.721.05 10:02:07Check.8.4 km NW of Skógar
1.620.05 20:41:51Check.6.3 km ENE of Bárðarbunga